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Two prairie women serving the website creation needs of small business in the prairie community that we grew up in and love.

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From content creation to maintenance, we will be there to support you and your website.


Discussion and questions and getting to know you is part of this stage for both of us. We will guide you to telling us what you want for your website even if you aren’t quite sure yet.

Creating Your Site

Now that we have talked and emailed and confirmed details and talked some more, we build your website. We will probably even talk some more.

User Testing

Making sure all the images load properly and all the links in your website work is key to a great customer experience on your site so we test everything!

Meeting Deadlines

Staying on schedule is important to you and your business. Meeting these timelines for launching your website is part of the integrity of our customer service model.


Congratulations! Your website is up and running. Whether you want to maintain it yourself or need help, we will provide the support.

About Us

Born and raised on the prairies, Suzi Cook and Faith Enns know what it means to work hard, look out for our neighbours, and love wide open spaces. We created Baroque Bunny Web Studio to support the land we care about through helping our local small businesses succeed with affordable and professional websites.

Our Services


Full Website

  • Up to three (3) pages
  • 1 Site
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You get a full website.

  • Full questionnaire to evaluate your website needs
  • Consultation to discuss content and responsibilities
  • Creation of 3 images with quotes
  • Walk-through of obtaining your domain name and hosting services
  • Set up Coming Soon page
  • User testing
  • Website creation including feedback, revision, and approval stages
  • Training and support documentation for ongoing maintenance
  • Launch live website
  • Troubleshooting minor changes



Small Website Hosting

  • 1 domain hosted
  • Includes SSL certificate
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We do all the setup through our provider.

  • Fully hosted site on completely Canadian CanSpace Solutions
  • Your domain name, while registered to us, belongs to you
  • Up to 25 MB data hosted



Additional Page

  • One (1) additional page
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Creation of an additional page as required for your business

  • One (1) additional page with the same general theme as the rest of your website




  • Security updates
  • Text and image updates
  • Backups
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Maintenance is critical to the health of your website just like making sure that your anti-virus software is up-to-date.

  • Security updates semi-monthly
  • Four (4) text and/or image updates per year
  • Monthly backups stored in-house


Logo Design

  • One (1) logo creation or redesign
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Creation or redesign of your logo is a great way for us to get to know your style which we can easily match to the rest of your website.

  • One (1) web ready logo
  • You own the image


Professional Picture

  • 30 minute photo shoot
  • Three (3) images to choose from
More Info

.Creating a website is one thing, but to help build a relationship of trust with, they like to see your face.

  • One (1) web ready profile picture with editing
  • You own the image

Our Work

 Why get a website?

Three seconds – that’s how long the average person surfing the web will spend on your website before moving on if “who you are, what you do, and how to contact you” are not instantly accessible. We live in a fast-paced world where instant gratification is the prevalent and expected way of doing almost everything. No time to waste in our busy schedules looking for things that should be obvious.

  • Meets your potential customers expectations. In the current age of technology, we Google the internet for every little thing. There might be a lot of ways to find you or only a few, but having a website makes you more accessible.
  • You have the final say over how your company is represented. Customer reviews, your logo with your colours and parameters; not squeezed into a square box.
  • A website is more affordable than traditional advertising. Printed ad space has become increasingly more expensive for smaller real estate on the page.
  • Keeping up to date information available is easy. Let us teach you how or pay a maintenance fee to keep your website up-to-date.
  • Your customers can find you 24/7 even when you’re on vacation. Have information available whenever it’s needed including downloadable instructions, videos, and customer contact forms.
  • Provides an easy way for you to interact with clients. Contact forms, built in maps, appointment schedulers, etc. can be built into your website making client contact easier than ever.
  • Equal opportunity is created for small local businesses and big business. By having a professionally designed website, you can present yourself and your business in the way that suits you best.

Whether you create your own, work with us, or find someone else to help, we want you to succeed!

Legitimacy! If you’re on the web, you’re real! And it’s a good point of contact with clients.


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Our Service Area

We are located in Saskatchewan. The great thing about the work we do is that we can support you wherever you are.

Faith Enns

Tobin Lake, SK

Suzi Cook

Harris, SK

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